Laparoscopic Urology in Pimpri Chinchwad

What Is Laparoscopic Urology?

Laparoscopy is a technique of performing a surgical operation using instruments inserted through narrow hollow tubes (‘ports’) rather than through a larger incision, as in traditional surgery. The result is shorter hospitalisation and convalescence, less bleeding and post-operative pain and fewer wound complications.

Laparoscopic Urology in Pimpri Chinchwad

Although laparoscopy is a type of keyhole surgery, the view obtained is much better than looking through a keyhole. Modern equipment produces a wide, bright, clear and magnified view of the operation. The gas used to distend the abdomen during laparoscopy also greatly reduces bleeding during surger

  • Surgeons have known for at least a decade that patients use fewer painkillers after laparoscopic surgery, go home earlier and return to normal activities and work sooner than after traditional surgery.
  • There is also evidence that the chemical changes which occur in the body after surgery (the ‘stress’ response) are not as pronounced and that the likelihood of chest complications is lower after laparoscopic surgery.
  • A better cosmetic result
  • Gentler, more accurate and magnified surgery with less bleeding
  • None in expert hands. Operating time, blood loss and complication rates are actually lower than for open surgery.
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