Uro-Oncology specialist in Pimpri Chinchwad

What Is Uro-Oncology?

Uro-Oncology specialist in Pimpri Chinchwad Dr. Anand Dharaskar during the last 40 years, Uro-oncology as a subspecialty has slowly and steadily evolved and a lot of urologists are getting interested in this superspecialty. At the same time, uro-oncology remains affiliated to Urology – the parent specialty. In the early 1970s, Urology was a part of General Surgery and many general surgeons tackled urological and uro-oncological patients as per concepts of treatment that prevailed then. Urology as a separate specialty also evolved slowly and initially it started as a subsection of ASI around 1960. When Urological Society of India was initiated from the year 1991, there were less than 200 members but with increasing interest in Urology over the years, the number of members practicing solely Urology has increased approximately to 2000 in the year 2010.

Initiation of Uro-oncology as a superspecialty was only possible those days in Cancer Hospitals which were major referral centres. Large numbers of patients with urological cancers were and are still treated at the Cancer Hospitals rather than other general or private hospitals.

Urologic Oncology Overview

Thousands of men and women are diagnosed each year with cancer of the prostate, bladder or kidney, as well as testicular cancer. New breakthroughs in cancer care, experimental treatment options, and ongoing research into the causes and potential cures of urologic malignancies spell new hope for patients from all walks of life. 

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